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Disinfection specialist

Micro-organisms, natural elements of our environment, are essential for life. They exist naturally in our environment without being visible. Man exploited them for our benefit, for example in the production of food. But other microorganisms known as germs can be dangerous and cause infections and contaminations.

Today more than ever, germs cross borders. Their existence is dangerous, but not as dangerous as underestimating the threat they pose to people and equipment. Countermeasures serve more to treat the symptoms than to fight the causes, the precautions are the key element. Preventing infections and contaminations is much easier than fighting them. We offer innovative technologies, highly effective disinfection products and personalized services.

As experts in disinfection we are aware that each sector has its own requirements for the implementation of hygiene management. We advise you and bring you the best solutions. We develop products and processes to prevent contaminations and infections.

Direct and open interaction with customers and business partners is important to us and our team. Therefore, we are happy to be available to provide you with competent advice, whether for products or applications, or to answer questions about regulation and official requirements. Naturally, our services also include a qualified customer service at the cutting edge of technology. We also assist you with training services covering all aspects of infection prevention and hygiene as a whole.