VF+ Vacuum Fresh+ Aldehyde and foam-free liquid concentrate for simultaneous disinfecting, cleaning, deodorizing, and care of all dental suction systems and amalgam separators

Capacity: Can 5 litres
  • modern formula, disinfectant with a broad disinfection spectrum
  • outstanding cleaning power. Removes the biofilm in the tubes
  • contains efficient anti-foaming agents
  • perfect material compatibility, can be used on any type of suction systems
  • highly concentrated solution: with a single dilution of 2%, 5L of concentrate permits you to produce 250L of ready to use solution
  • does not contain any colour or perfume which could potentially damage the system
  • medical class device IIA, CE0120 marked

efficiency proved in 15 minutes: bactericidal (including TB and MRSA), fungicial, tested* on HBV, HCV, HIV with a dilution of 2%

Product specification and scientific studies available on request
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