Terms of Sales

1. General information

These terms and conditions of sale and delivery must be respected when they have been declared applicable in the offer or in the confirmation of the order/contract. If no offer/order confirmation has been established, our terms and conditions of sale may be viewed on our website. Different conditions of the buyer shall only be applicable if they have been expressly accepted in writing by Helvemed SA.
These terms and conditions only apply to sales and deliveries between the seller and the end user of the product (B to B).

2. Offers

Prices appearing in product lists, catalogues or online are understood as being expressed in Swiss francs (CHF); they are not guaranteed over time; they do not include VAT, COV tax or shipping charges.
Helvemed SA reserves the right to modify deliveries or adjust the prices.

4. Deliveries

Products ordered will be delivered immediately as long as they are in stock. Packing and shipping fees are billed in an obvious manner. Helvemed SA declines any responsibility for late delivery.

5. Guarantee

The guarantee covering equipment is 24 months; the company reserves the right to apply a shorter expiration period. It goes into effect once the items leave the location of shipment. 

Damaged equipment is replaced or repaired under the guarantee if the damage is reported in writing within 2 weeks after it has been observed. The expenses for travel and transport shall then be the responsibility of the buyer. The guarantee is not applicable if the buyer proceeds with modifications or repairs of the equipment without having been authorised to do so, in writing, by Helvemed SA.

While the equipment is being repaired under the guarantee, the buyer is not entitled to replacement equipment.

The guarantee does not cover consumer goods, used equipment or worn parts; for damage resulting from failure to follow the user guide, improper storage or the lack of maintenance, the guarantee is excluded, as is liability in case of direct or indirect harm.

6. Payments

Invoices are payable at net 30 days after date of invoice.

7. Transfer of profits and risks

The profits and risks pass to the buyer once the merchandise is remitted.

8. Retention of ownership

All products/goods remain the property of Helvemed SA until the invoice has been paid in full.

9. Merchandise returns

The customer is required to verify deliveries and services within the 5 days following delivery, and to immediately inform Helvemed SA in writing about eventual manufacturing defects. Beyond this deadline, deliveries and services shall be deemed as accepted.

If delivered products are defective, Helvemed SA agrees to take them back and to immediately provide the customer with products that are free from defects. The customer has no rights or claims as a result of any defects, except those expressly mentioned in the present section.

Standard items which are not suitable or which were ordered by mistake are taken back under the following conditions:
  • Returns are only accepted subject to prior agreement.
  • Each returned shipment must include a copy of the delivery slip or of the related invoice.
  • Shipping charges for returned products are the responsibility of the sender.
  • Disinfectant products may not remain outside of our warehouse for more than 30 days.
  • Credit is not issued for packaging which is opened, damaged, outdated or labelled.
  • Products that are opened, used, outdated or damaged are not accepted for return.
  • Expired products are destroyed free of charge. Meanwhile, the price is not credited. Return delivery charges are the responsibility of the sender.
  • When Helvemed SA accepts returned products, the customer receives credit for the agreed value.
  • Fees for return inspection and return to stock in the amount of Frs. 20 per return under the responsibility of the customer, deducted from the credit.
  • Reimbursement in cash is not permitted.
10. Non-payment by the due date

When the buyer fails to make payment by the due date or does not respect the agreed payment terms, Helvemed SA reserves the right to charge late interest at the rate of 7% starting from the payment due date.

11. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

Agreements and contracts established with Helvemed SA are subject to Swiss Law. The place of jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland.
These terms and conditions of sale are valid in Switzerland starting from 1 February 2018.