Swissness & Swiss Made

Switzerland and its people have a long standing, well earned reputation of inventing and manufacturing some of the finest, most durable, most functional, best designed, most robust, most useful, most precise and most secure products in the world.

These products are the fruits of a very distinct national and sociocultural identity, mentality and way of life: thoroughness, punctuality, precision, love for detail, patience, independence, respect for nature, functionality, sustainability, purism, exclusivity and know-how, passed on over many generations.

All of these pronounced attributes together are often termed ”Swissness”. They are at the heart of the best Swiss made products and designs. Obviously, wrongful use of the ”Swiss ”-brand by freeriders causes damage to and a loss of reputation for an entire economy and its highly skilled workers. Therefore, protecting the Swiss label is important.

Swiss Made is a label used to indicate that a product was made in Switzerland. The wording was formally adopted in the late 19th century and is unique in that most other countries use the phrase “Made in xxx”. The most obvious place where the label is found is on Swiss watches. The Swiss laws permit the use of the words “Suisse”, “produit suisse”, “fabriqué en Suisse”, “qualité suisse” or the translations, “Swiss”, “Swiss Made”, or “Swiss Movement”.

In the current situation, as pointed out above, the existing legal conditions for use of indications of source (ie, the Switzerland designation and the Swiss cross) are set down only generally by statute. These existing statutory rules are in practice unreliable due to the large number of cases of abuse and a lack of enforcement. Therefore, a new legislative proposal and Bill are currently underway and intended to prevent such illegal use of indications of source and to protect and sustain the value of the Switzerland designation.

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