SWD Surface Wipes Dry Dry non-woven wipes for impregnation with surface disinfectants

  • specially developed not to absorb the active ingredients, but to release them on the surface
  • patented lint-free non-woven material developed to release optimally the active ingredients and guarantee a perfect and even wetting of the surfaces
  • developed and tested on Helvemed surfaces disinfectant such as Surface Quick, Surface Foam and Surface Large
  • economical. A single preparation offers 70 thick wipes which permit to clean and disinfect a very large area
  • suitable for the disinfection of surfaces close to patients such as, beds and gurneys or in areas where no water connection is available or a hygienic processing of cleaning implements is not possible e.g. for MRSA patients
  • the system offers a constant protection of the inner disinfection solution from contamination and evaporation
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