Sterilization Accessories

The Plasmapp STERLINK sterilization system is a low temperature H2O2 plasma sterilizer to inactivate microorganisms for a broad range of metal and nonmetal medical devices and surgical instruments.

This sterilizer offers an effective, safe, fast, economical, easy–to-use, reliable, and flexible sterilization method. The Plasmapp STERLINK sterilizer use its own method, and it requires special attention to the ways in which it differs from other conventional sterilizers. The Plasmapp STERLINK can sterilize medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapor into the chamber or pouch. It rapidly sterilizes medical instruments and materials without leaving toxic residues. All stages of the sterilization cycle are not damaged to compatible instruments which are sensitive to heat and moisture. The Plasmapp STERLINK can be used for metal and non-metal medical devices and can sterilize instruments that have difficult-to-reach (diffusion restricted) spaces, such as hinges on forceps. The sterilizer consistently provides the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, as defined by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international standards, for clinical use on all allowed substrates within the limits of the claims for materials and geometries when used in accordance with the directions in this User manual. The devices have been pre-validated to the SAL of 10-6 based upon worst-case conditions, including lumens within the claim lengths and mated surfaces.

Concept Behind Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization. OH (Hydroxyl) radicals will be generated around microorganisms when gaseous hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the load items. The OH radicals will effectively inactivate those microorganisms. Hydrogen Peroxide Gas is safe and environmental-friendly method of sterilization due to Plasma Treatment. When gaseous hydrogen peroxide is treated with plasma, it breaks down into non-toxic materials