Sempercare Safe+ Powder-free examination glove with extended 300 mm cuff, non sterile

Sempercare® Safe+ has longer cuffs. They provide the additional safety required for more critical applications by supplying a further barrier with greater protection for wrists and forearms. Their greater length - 300 mm – makes the gloves the first choice for those dealing with high-risk patients and with skin-damaging substances*. The glove's fingers are textured. The gloves themselves are made out of nitrile, a pliable material. These factors enable secure grasping and maximise the sensitivity of touch. Nitrile demonstrates good mechanical characteristics, and does not contain phthalates, softeners or allergy-inciting latex proteins. This makes Sempercare® Safe+ suitable for use by Type I allergy sufferers.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Greater safety thanks to longer cuffs, with this especially applying to wrists and forearms
  • Greater splash protection through the greater length of 300mm - ideal for those dealing with liquids and chemicals*
  • Greater security of grasping and optimal sensivity of touch thanks to texturing of fingers
  • Suitable for Type I allergy sufferers, as the gloves do not comprise natural latex
  • Minimum order 10 boxes
For sales in Switzerland only
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