Our eco-responsibility

Reducing environmental impact plays an integral part of our core business. 

Raw materials and formulations
During the concept and development phase of Helvemed products, preference is given to eco-formulations which are more readily biodegradable. Regulatory restraints such as biocide and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), means that we are able to fully manage the risks associated with the use of our products and provide a high level of protection to human health and the environment.

Helvemed work very closely with research institutes and suppliers to use new generations of active ingredients and additives, giving priority to the use of biodegradable and non bioaccumulative molecules.
We are also committed to eliminating CMR substances from our formulations substituting allergenic substances and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), where possible, using a new generation of surfactants with a more favourable biodegradability profile.

When appraising the lifecycle of our products, we also consider the choice of packaging materials used. All bottles are made from either HDPE or PE recyclable material, we use single material packaging for easier recycling.

We finally pay attention to atmospheric pollution caused by the transportation of our finished products. With this in mind, we give priority to products in concentrated form to reduce the impact on transportation
work with transport companies compliant with EURO 5 and EURO 6 emissions standards.