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Welcome to the Helvemed Corporate website.

Helvemed has its corporate headquarters located in Geneva - Switzerland. The company was established early in 2006 by professionals of the dental and medical business, who are former founders and partners of a leading Swiss infection control company.

Our team is dedicated  to providing health professionals and institutions with high quality products. Cutting-edge technology is not the only factor behind the growth of Helvemed. Equally important is our know-how in the field of healthcare products and our international sales expertise. Both our domestic and international market shares expand rapidly thanks to our dynamic worldwide partners network.

Choosing Helvemed means selecting a competitive and trustworthy partner, who will constantly stand by you. We may be thousands of kilometres away geographically, but we believe the quality of our service makes it feel as if we are next door.

We strive to find new reasons for you to rely on us daily and we will do our best to keep your confidence.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website. As it aims to provide you with all the information you need, we encourage you to send us your personal suggestions in order to enable us to continuously improve our service to you.

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Grégoire Weill


As modern healthcare has become more and more demanding, health professionals must be able to rely on exemplary suppliers. This is why Helvemed believes that the combination of technological innovation and manufacturing excellence is the key to success. Thus, we gather together talented people from all around the world whose job it is to anticipate and meet the exacting expectations and standards, our clients require.

Convinced of the importance of meeting the highest standards of quality, Helvemed actively encourages, day after day, hard-working and dedicated scientific teams, to continuously increase the reliability of its products.

Different markets require different needs, which is why we place great emphasis on the development of both, global and individual solutions, that enable health professionals to be more effective. To prove our commitment, we are not only constantly updating our range of products, but are also willing to offer tailor-made products and services.

Helvemed also strongly believes in the virtue of Swiss organization and will always make sure you can rely on its Helvetic "savoir faire".


Health professionals

Being strongly customer-oriented, Helvemed considers relationships with clients a key element of its corporate culture. We believe that commitment, competence and service, are of fundamental importance when it comes to serving our clients’ interests and improving the final consumers’ quality of life.


For nearly a century Switzerland has been famous for its industrial know-how and the high quality of its manufactured goods. Helvemed strives, on a daily basis, to carry on this tradition of flawless Swiss quality by encouraging research and development as well as investing in talented individuals.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the process by which Helvemed delivers its products, services and technical support in a way that allows its customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective, and humanly satisfying and pleasurable manner possible.


At Helvemed a happy work environment is a priority. The company feels responsible for its employees and supports every member of the staff in their work. Being goal driven and passionate, each of our employees contributes to its innovation.


An efficient system of quality control according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 norms guarantees a uniformly high level of quality which extends from the of the product’s conception all the way through its delivery. This quality management is certified by the well worldwide reputed SGS